Tuesday, 23 June 2009

TSgt. John Burroughs

My name is TSgt. John Burroughs. In December 1980 I was a first hand witness to the strange events that took place in Rendlesham forest out side the Bentwaters RAF base where I was stationed. It is my intention to put together a 30 year reunion next year at RAF Bentwaters for all of the witnesses involved in the incident.

I am looking for anybody involved in the incident who would like to come over to England or go on tape to talk about their experience during those events.

Currently we are seeking a sponsor who would like to help put this together. We would welcome any help in getting to the bottom of this 30 year mystery.

You may be interested to hear an interview with me that aired on the Paracast.com radio show this weekend. Here is the link:

If you have any information about the events, or you were there, please contact me bentwaters@hotmail.co.uk


TSgt. John Burroughs


  1. Listened to the Paracast, to where you begin to describe the hypnosis. Fascinating account, and you come across as very credible, very believable.

    Thanks for doing that interview, it is a spellbinding account!

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  4. Hello John
    I've sent you an email...but reading the comment above from James Urmetz reminded me of exactly the same thing apparently felt by Sergeant Melvin Brown, who was a witness to the Roswell Incident in 1947. His daughter, Beverley told me how bitter and angry he was on his death bed in the early 80s, because he too felt he had been badly let down by the US government and his military commanders for never telling him the truth, or give him and others like him some kind of therapy to deal with the earth-shattering experience. For god-fearing people, brought up on the literal truth of the Bible, discovering first-hand that a super intelligence, greater than humans, that were never mentioned in the Bible (unless the ET are the Angels) actually exist and flying our airspace with apparent impunity, must have been a terrible Culture and Religion Shock.

    All the best

    Witness to Roswell - Doctor Nabs Talk-Psychic Show

    part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjS3sC6dmnw

    part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhBeEr0vqWA

    part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlJrRmY154k

  5. John, why don't you believe the craft Jim touched was extra-terrestrial? It did maneuvers that none of our technology can do.

  6. John, have read all the books, seen all the TV documentaries, checked many of the web sites and on the 1980 Brentwaters Incident and it is very compelling..There was a posting that stated that this was a prank and it was a capsule from our space program? Possible? or dis-information? Good luck --i will be following your web site

  7. 81 TFW 1984
    It happened to me. But telling the story would not have helped my career. And besides I'm not too partial to OSI agents with needles.

    I do know one thing, the military will go a long way to keep the truth from getting out.

    Check this out-

  8. John,
    I got to see James Fox's new show on Television the other night. "I know what I saw" Good show. Very informative did you get to see?

  9. Hey John. Never forget that there are those of us out here who believe you, and the other guys aswell, and who are rooting for you! I for one, want to see this case blown wide open and I believe that the re-union is a great idea. Remember-"Divide and conquer"You guys need to get everyone together and take the case from there. After the reunion, you should try and get as much press exposure as you can. Get everyone involved together as one group. People WILL pay attention. Its easy for one voice to be lost in a crowd, but when you are the crowd, your voices will be heard. I know how you must feel. How could anyone in their right mind put an incident like that behind them? It just is not something you CAN, put behind you. Sure, everyone gets on with their lives, but its always there in the background. Ignore the de-bunkers, the half-wits, the arrogant ignoramuses. They dont matter! You are reaching the people that really matter, with the truth you have to tell, we are here and we are listening and we salute your efforts, your honesty, and your courage in coming forward.

  10. sounds good.
    having only received of this matter from larry warren , albeit on a number of occasions, I wonder if you would really want me there or not.
    It 'd be fascinating to go and meet up with all the people who are witness to this however.
    I'll get in touch.