Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dear Col. Halt,

Firstly I want to say how moved I was by your interview which aired on Coast to Coast on Thursday night. I want to thank you for being so honest and sincere. The events of Dec 1980 have haunted me for 29 years, and now I clearly understand that the events touched you in a similar way.

You have been honest and I appreciate it. The host of the show George Nooray's was clearly taken aback, and this is a man who for many years has hosted a nightly show on encounters and experiences such as ours.

The reason why I responded so strongly on my blog towards you and others was because of how strongly this has effected me and I have always felt there has been little support from within my chain of command.

Col. I honestly feel that a reunion would be important for us all. After speaking to others who were involved and effected, we feel it be important to have us all together to reflect on the events. I feel your support in this matter would be mutually beneficial. I hope you feel the same way. We need your involvement to moved this forward. I feel you are the one who would help fit the pieces together and bring closure.

It is clear that all of us have different thoughts on the events that effected all of us so deeply. However we do have have compatible feelings and thoughts on how it has effected us.

We've all been taking the hit for 29 years – 'they misidentified stars and light houses' - all that hurt destroyed our credibility made us look like fools. We need a united front. Your driving force is that one that thing that could help pull us all together.

Would you help the fine men of the 81st tactical wing who served under your command ?

We really need your help. Would you please help us ?


Tsgt. John Burroughs


  1. Hey John, I read somewhere that you never saw Jim Penniston touch the craft or go up to it; is that true?

  2. I listened to the show too and was really surprised with what Col.Halt had to say. He clearly has been affected by this and has kept the main details bottled up privately after all these years. John, this is a truly amazing time and I hope that you can all get together. I hope Col.Halt can be interviewed with you to by the Paracast crew at some point too. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. All the best John. I hope a reunion can be arranged for everyone's sake.