Monday, 3 August 2009

Dear Colonel Halt,

How does it feel to be known as the UFO Colonel? To be told all you saw was a lighthouse, stars or planets in the night sky. How does is feel to have no one in your circle of command step forward and support you in what happened?

I have a few questions that I would be most gracious if you could answer. In a recent interview with Gary Heseltine, you stated you went out to the area where the first night's incident happened to conduct an investigation. How did you find that area in the dark? Everybody on duty during your outing into the forest was not working during our incident (25th in 26th). How did you know where to look if you or no one else conducted any kind of investigation?

How can you say you were never brought in and question about the incident? According to you General Williams talked to you about it, went to his bosses about it, General Gabriel was briefed on it by Williams and you were told to write a memo and give it to the British. You also stated something happened inside the WSA with beams of light coming down into it. So after all of this, nobody from OSI or higher wanted to talked to you about it?

We were all brought in and interrogated by OSI on Major Zickler's orders, not on the Base Commander or Wing Commanders orders. I can't understand how all of the official reports disappeared and nothing was done about it. General Williams said he didn't know you wrote the memo and never would have allowed it to be sent out to the British because there were things in it that "we could not defend." Is he saying he knew about the incident and would never have informed the British Government about it? We had an international incident take place on somebody else's territory, involving a weapons storage area and nobody wanted to talk to you about it?

General Williams acts like he was never involved yet said something happened to us. It appears you and everybody else in your party was never questions about the incident, but we were brought in and worked over by the OSI under Major Zickler orders - Why?

Gary Heseltine stated he told you, you are the one who will go down as writing the memo and you need to go on the record on what it was you saw. Was it really an Extraterrestrial craft or was it something that our government was doing that we accidently got involved with? Were you then briefed on it and told to write a memo about what really happened to us but with incorrect dates?

Over the years you have dropped certain hints about it being a military project and never anything about it being an Extraterrestrial event. Were you picked to be the scape goat on this to say it was of ET origin if anybody got to close to what it was? How can a chain of command all say they had nothing to do with the incident handle the incident the way they said they did at a front line NATO base - and still be left in charge?

- Or are you now trying to force the people in charge to come clean on what happened to us by playing the ‘alien card’, hoping they will finally support a front line officer who, along with his men, were just trying to do there job?

Yours Sincerely,

TSgt. John Burroughs
August 3rd 2009


  1. Russell MacNair4 August 2009 at 16:13

    Hi John - have been an avid follower of this event since it broke in the mid 80's- .I lived in the UK and spent 3 years living in Ipswich- have you considered contacting the local paper.(Ipswich daily star) to gain some publicity. Now may be a good time as its the summer holidays,and generally there is a scarcity of news at this time. There will be several ex servicemen who have settled in the area.

  2. Hello John. I was first made aware of the Bentwaters events about a year and a half ago. It was through "Out Of The Blue". Since then I've been completely obsessed with Bentwaters. I was only 2 years old in 1980. Anyway, whatever happened, wether it be extra-terrestrial in nature, or simply a U.S. experiment of an aircraft, I just want you to know that I am behind you 100% and so are all the other people I've shared this with since.

    I hope you get to the bottom of this and share it with us.

  3. John, do you think Larry Warren is lying about what he saw??

  4. John,I hope all you guys can get together and get some answers as to what happened to you all on those 3 nights,as to the above post about Larry Warren I think he is honest about his involvement in this case,anyway I am behind you in getting to the bottom of what happened,Best Wishes.

  5. I am absolutely fascinated by this story. I just wish the parties involved would consider making this into an event open to the interested public -- for a fee of course. I'm quite sure there would be a fair turn-out and would help cover the expenses of the folks who were directly involved.